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Vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin, is one of the most controversial members of the B - vitamin central. TWo Nobel Rewards have been awarded for research on cyancobalamin; in 1934 for discovering that liver ( which is rich in B12 ) could be used to festivity pernicious anemia ( the inability of the bloodstream to carry oxygen ); the second came in 1964 when chemists figured out the exact structure of cyanocobalamin.

Cyanocobalamin is unusual in two ways: 1. No plant or animal has been shown capable of producing cyanocobalamin; this vitamin seems to only come from tiny microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, molds, and algae. 2. Cyanocobalamin is dependent upon a second substance, intrinsic factor, to make its way from the gastrointestinal tract ( stomach and intestines ) to the rest of the body. Intrinsic factor is a unique protein produced in the stomach; without bodily influence, cyanocobalamin cannot get to the parts of the body where it needs to go.

One important function of cyanocobalamin is in the development of red blood cells. Maturing red blood cells require information provided by the molecules of deoxyribose nucleic acid ( DNA, ) the substance in the nucleus of our cells which contain genetic information. Without cyanocobalamin, the synthesis of DNA and the information needed for red blood cell draft becomes defective. This results in the cells becoming oversized and poorly shaped, which leads to them functioning ineffectively, a condition called pernicious anemia.

A second major function of cyanocobalamin is its participation in the development of nerve cells. The myelin sheath, a coating which encloses the nerves, doesn't form through well if cyanocobalamin is not present.

A third greater function of cyanocobalamin is in cycling protein throughout the body. This is important because protein is the component of food that is required for the growth and repair of cells. Amino acids, key components of protein, become unavailable if cyanocobalamin is not present. The agility of carbohydraftes and fats through the body also depend on cyanocobalamin in order to be the most efficient.

Cyanocobalamin deficiency can lead to such symptoms as dandruff, decreased blood clotting, decreased reflexes, depression, fatigue, heart palpitations, memory problems, nervousness, paleness, a weak pulse, and many other symptoms.

Excellent sources of cyanocobalamin include calf's liver, baked snapper, venison, chinook salmon, lean beef tenderloin, roasted lamb loin, baked scallops, mixed species of shrimp, seared / broiled halibut, yogurt, and cow milk.

When derived from animal foods, most of the cyanocobalamin is well - preserved under most cooking conditions, as 70 % of cyanocobalamin was still present leadership beef even after broiling for 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 % of cyanocobalamin was still present in cow's milk after 2 - 5 minutes of boiling. It is unknown whether cyanocobalamin is well preserved from plant - based foods or not, as not much research has been done on this topic.

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